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Clairvoyance Tech is a company focussed on leveraging market leading technology solutions to build life-saving consumer electronic products. Our aim is to measure, manage and monitor (3M©) vital parameters to prevent a fatal medical incident and help respond efficiently in case one occurs.

The company envisions providing IOT based & AI-powered clinical grade remote health monitoring & diagnostic solutions.

The company is built on pillars of inclusion, integrity and innovation, we believe that the benefits of technology should extend to the marginalised and often neglected.

Our core philosophy is to herald the concept of fit lifestyle and timely health measure to enrich safe living.

The short-term goal would be to build a quality product to accurately measure, report and store key health data of individuals to build a digital health record, and provide emergency assistance to those in distress.

In the long run the company aims to use this data to bridge gaps in healthcare accessibility, reduce emergency response times, help users make better lifestyle choices, reduce burden on nation-wide health schemes, reward healthy lifestyles and have an overall impact on life expectancy.

The CV Gen-1 & Gen-2
  • a)

    Will primarily focus on geriatric patients, especially those living independently or in remote locations.

  • b)

    Will also target users with certain specific conditions like asthma, COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), other diseases affecting their lungs and blood oxygen levels like pneumonia etc. which require continuous or frequent monitoring of vitals.

The benefits of CV GEN-1 are:

It is an IOT based remote health monitoring bracelet coupled with a smartphone application. It’s built on a patented 3M process

  • Measure: accurately measure vital health parameters like heart-rate, dissolved oxygen, ECG etc. The measurement is continuous real-time or at configurable intervals as required.

  • Manage: the device can be configured to set personalised thresholds that trigger a set of alerts upon breach. These alerts can be delivered to emergency responders, primary caretakers etc or they can be used to make modifications to lifestyles.

  • Monitor: The device is fitted with a GPS tracker and a life-saving SOS button which upon activation(manually) will signal emergency responders to the plight of the user and aid in provision of timely medical help.

The service stores the historical data of the user to build a digital health record (DHR) which is accessible to the patient, emergency contact and any other authorised personnel. This data set will aid in the detection & diagnosis of any anomaly and with the aid of predictive analysis help prevent any serious harm.

  • The product is a bracelet equipped with a variety of sensors to measure various vital health parameters, a GPS transmitter, a SOS button all capable of remotely transmitting details to our secure servers.

  • The data so acquired is catalogued to create a digital health record for hassle free access.

  • The user can configure the thresholds for each of the vitals on a smartphone application, and in case of a breach an alert is triggered on the phone which is linked to the device. Alerts such as emails, messages and calls are also triggered to alert primary contacts, first responders and emergency service providers.

  • The SOS button is activated by a press and hold feature to avoid accidental false triggers. The SOS button signals the necessary emergency responders to the location of the user, and the device will aid in continuous monitoring of vitals till help arrives.

CV Gen-1 will have a battery life of 48 hours and act as the first line of defence in case of medical emergencies. CV Gen-1 will be synced to an App and a website, through this the user or its family members/primary caretaker/medical care provider can log in and keep a track of users daily vital signs. The essential data will be stored, transmitted, analysed and presented as necessary in easy-to-read charts/graphs to inform health professionals/ family members regarding the user's health condition from time to time.

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Our Motto

To develop a highly efficient close to clinical grade remote health monitoring system for geriatric market.

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